Market need

A big challenge to making progress in sustainability worldwide is the lack of reliable information about food production processes. Globalization and the market economy add complexity, where it becomes difficult to track products further than one or two levels up or down the supply chain.

A way to disclose information in the supply chain is by applying standards and certification to production processes. However, certification is a very complex field for producers, with more than 400 seals and standards to choose from. At the same time governments, retailers and other purchasing parties set various requirements for the producers with regard to their production practices. Even though most of these stakeholders often ask for the same information, exchanging data is very inefficient and coslty.

We see the growing complexity for farmers and supply chain actors (traders, retailers, etc.) to deliver information. The main problem area's are:

Increasing consumer demand for safe and sustainable food

  • More than 400 improvement and certification programs for farmers
  • Every retailer and food company nowadays runs its own standard increasing complexity

High certification costs

  • Manual audit preparations are time consuming (2-5 days for farmers)
  • No reuse of data
  • For cooperatives, farm advisors and auditors the current way of working is resulting in high audit and certification costs

Insufficient digitization

  • The mostly paper based information reduces transparency
  • Buyers want to have more impact data about farm production, this demands that all farm data will become digitalized

Traders are swamped in compliance documentation

  • Importers and exporters need to handle thousands and sometimes more than 10.000 documents
  • Documentation management is primarily manually done which is time consuming

With AgriPlace we deliver a platform to create efficiency and easy information sharing throughout the supply chain, that at the same time incentivises farmers to take the step from a paper-based way of doing business, to a digital one. 

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