The People 4 Earth Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (in Dutch: Algemeen nut beogende instelling - ANBI). An institution can be qualified as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) solely when at least 90% of the institutions efforts are focused on the general good.
Because People 4 Earth is a PBO with the Dutch tax office, it's possible to have a whole or partial tax deduction for donations on your taxable income.

In accordance with the transparancy conditions of ANBI, please find an overview of our data below:

Official name
People 4 Earth Foundation
KVK no.: 08178490
RSIN no.: 819689002

Contact data

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Our mission

Policy plan
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Management composition
Board of Directors
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Remuneration policy
We want to pay our management and our employees fair wages, that are in line with the industry and with our policies of an NGO working for a better world. In practice this means that we don’t pay extreme high salaries and we don’t pay high bonuses to management and employees.
Note: in 2015 all gross salaries were between € 2.500,- and € 6.200,- a month.

The members of the board do receive a yearly payment of € 1.000,- to € 1.500,-  for their membership of the board.

Board of Directors’ report 2015  / People 4 Earth Foundation

Our mission and vision 

The People 4 Earth Foundation, with its legal seat and office in Amsterdam, aims to contribute to more transparent, sustainable and social just food supply chains. Consumer demands for safe, healthy and sustainable food are increasing globally. Consequently, compliance requirements at farm gates are increasing. Worldwide there is a jungle of more than 400 (certification) programs and the number is increasing, as every retailer and food company nowadays has its own standard and buying requirements. As a result worldwide farmers / cooperatives need to comply with an increasing number of standards and requirements of their buyers, driven by the demand of consumers, NGOs and Governments.

AgriPlace Farm Platform for continuous improvement

The People 4 Earth Foundation and its partners are developing a global internet platform for farmers, called AgriPlace. Farmers will get more control over their own business data and compliance will become easier and more cost-effective for farmers, auditors and buyers. Moreover, data will become more meaningful for improved practices. As our user-base and data collection is growing, our focus is shifting to farm e-learning and improvements.

Implementation of AgriPlace

After a successful launch in the Netherlands in 2015, AgriPlace is now tested globally. Strategic test countries for 2016 are Spain for the rest of Europe, South Africa and Ghana for Africa and Costa Rica for Latin America.  Asia will be tested in 2017, together with a further role out. Spain, for example, has a huge growth potential with 1 million farmers and 3000 cooperatives that have to comply with the standards of many European retailers to be able to export their fruit. This strategy is strongly embedded within our current partners of farm cooperatives, traders like Staay Food Group and retail like AH, Jumbo and M&S. See 

Accomplishments 2015

•           Together with external partners, our team has developed an efficiency tool of high quality, launched in October 2015. The team has shown great performance in establishing the core value proposition of AgriPlace, making compliance to certification standards and buyer requirements easy. We have the right quality and combination of people for the further development of AgriPlace. To realize our ambitious goals however, we will need to grow our internal and external team during 2016.

•           The year 2015 was one of establishing the problem-solution fit. We further developed the AgriPlace platform and fine-tuned its core Compliance Service. This service was developed and tested with a pioneering group of 20 farmers, mostly members of Agrico. Agrico, a farmer cooperative with 800 farmers, has become a strategic partner for us, as well as Levarht, OTC , The Greenery and Staay Food Group, both trader in fruits and vegetables. We now fully facilitate 11 standards on the platform, with the collaboration of the standard setting organizations and auditing companies. 

•           Additional to the farmers and companies that got committed during 2015, we have formed a solid group of 25 additional partners for the further development, implementation and growth of AgriPlace. This is part of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) called Farm Digital, combining the Dutch ministry of economic affairs, business and science. Farm Digital is a project that is executed from January 2015 till end of 2016.

•           Together with our strategic partner ICCO, we have become partner in a program of IDH (Dutch Sustainability Initiative) for fruit & vegetables called SIFAV: “Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables”.  This is a covenant with the majority of retailers and traders in the Netherlands, to make all imports of fruit & vegetables from Asia, South America and Africa sustainable step by step, resulting in 100% sustainable imports in 2020. In total more than 30 companies have signed this covenant.  See overview of all partners on:

Financial result 2015

The year 2015 was again a year of investment in our AgriPlace Platform and the compliance module for farmers. After our launch in October, we were able to realize the first income from farmers at the end of 2015. Our main income came from Farm Digital and SIFAV programs. This resulted in a profit of € 60.000,- however with a negative cash-flow because of investments made. We consider this a long term investment and are confident that we will generate more than half a million revenue from customers in 2016. In the years after, revenue is expected to grow fast and substantially.   

AgriPlace milestones 2016

•           A special module for cooperatives will be developed and added to our AgriPlace Platform in the first half of 2016, ready in June. This will offer the quality managers of farmer cooperatives worldwide the opportunity to manage all compliance data of all their farmers, in a very effective and time and cost saving way. We see worldwide a huge market as many farmers are organized in cooperatives, certainly also in developing countries.

•           Besides the module for cooperatives, a number of functionalities will be added or improved on AgriPlace, improving the value of AgriPlace for farmers and other users. E.g. for traders and auditors we will add specific reporting tools. End of 2016 we will have made again a big step forward in the development of AgriPlace.

•           After the Dutch and English language, in January 2016 Spanish will become available on AgriPlace. The software has been developed in such a way, that it will be easy now to add more languages on request of farmers and business.

•           In 2016 we will add at least 15 new standards to AgriPlace, based on the need of the farmers and other partners in the countries we will be active.

•           We have started a partnership with GreenlinQdata, an organization with 2 shareholders: LTO Bedrijven and Van Aaken Automatisering. GreenlinQdata will be the organization selling AgriPlace to farmers in horticulture and arable farmers, starting January 2016. 

Note: this model of working together with al local partner selling AgriPlace to the farmers and business, is also a model we will use in other countries. These local partners will also be responsible for invoicing the farmers and for the local helpdesk for farmers.

•           As part of the PPP project Farm Digital, we will start implementing AgriPlace in Costa Rica and South Africa in the first half of 2016. We do this together with our partners in Farm Digital like  Staay Food Group and Organic Trade Company.

•           And in Ghana and South Africa we will start with AgriPlace in collaboration with partners like the Greenery, Albert Heijn and Jumbo. This is part of the SIFAV program of IDH.

•           In Spain we see a lot of opportunities and we will start in Spain in the second half of 2016 with implementation. We will do this together with Dutch retailers and traders, as well as with a number of local cooperatives. Given the fact that there are 3000 cooperatives with together more than 1 million farmers, we see Spain as a very attractive growth market.

•           A next service that will be developed during 2016 is a Trade Service, building on the Compliance Module. The Trade Service expands the platform. It will enable traders to collect data from producers worldwide and share this data with their customers. This means that besides farmers and cooperatives, we will also start generating income from trading companies, starting in 2017.  

Budget 2016 (EUR)                 

Income customers          560.000
Other income         267.000
Total income        827.000
Cost of goods sold  - 
Gross margin        827.000
Wages and salaries        397.000
Depreciation          95.000
Office rent + cost           40.000
Other operating expenses        167.000
Total expenses        699.000
Income less expenses        128.000
Financial income and expense          45.000
Net result          83.000


Strategic developments; with an eye on the future! 

•           Our strategy is to become the Global Farm Platform, offering a multi-standards, multi-crops and multi-language solution for farmers and cooperatives worldwide, for compliance and for continuous improvement.

•           Based on this AgriPlace will also offer services to traders, retailers and auditing companies that need access to the compliance data of farmers and cooperatives. In 2017 we will start generating revenue with these services.

•           In 2016 we will continue focusing on arable farming and horticulture, including specific focus on potatoes,  fruit and vegetables. In 2017 other sectors will be added.

•           Based on our success in the Netherlands, we see great opportunities to develop the market in Spain and South Africa in 2016. Income in 2016 will still be modest, but we expect that we will realize high revenues in these countries after 2016. Other countries in development are Ghana and Costa Rica, but the development of revenue will be much slower there.

•           A great opportunity is that our AgriPlace Farm Platform is via the internet the coming years at low cost scalable to many more countries and sectors. To make this happen, we have to invest substantially in software and content development in 2016 and also in 2017. For this an investment of € 570.000,- has been budgeted for software development in 2016.

•           Based on this our revenue will increase strongly in 2016 and will grow even stronger in 2017 as we will be able to support many more farmers and cooperatives.  In 2017 also traders, retailers and auditing companies will become paying customers, increasing our revenue.

•           After 2016 we will be ready to implement the Compliance Service and Trade Service in more countries and sectors, with a substantial growth in paying customers.

We look with excitement toward our future and our contribution to more transparent, sustainable and social just food supply chains, helping farmers to improve their livelihoods and supporting the environment. 


Amsterdam, December 28, 2015


De heer J.A.M. Huijbers                                                        G. Kuipers                             

Chair of the Board of directors                                               Treasurer 


People 4 Earth Foundation      

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