Board of Inspiration

The Board of Inspiration represents the stakeholders of the People 4 Earth Foundation. It consists of people that are a great inspiration for us and that support us in achieving our mission.


Suzanne van der Pijll.jpg

Suzanne van der Pijll

Suzanne van der Pijll (1966) has been working for Schuttelaar & Partners since 1998. Suzanne studied environmental sociology at the Agricultural University of Wageningen.

From 1992 to 1998, Suzanne held the position of environmental policy advisor at the Dutch Consumer Union.

Currently, Suzanne is Managing Partner at Schuttelaar & Partners and responsible for advising on sustainability and CSR. She focuses on making sustainability understandable for employees and consumers, the do’s and don’ts in communication about sustainability, and the translation into different communication tools, such as brochures, websites, PR, or stakeholder dialogues. She advises large food companies on their CSR strategy and implementation. In addition, she advises the government on sustainable procurement and sustainable food.

Suzanne also acts as chairman of the board of SKAL, interim of Stichting EKO-Keurmerk, member of the Advisory Board of the Club of Rome in the Netherlands, member of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation for regional products in the Netherlands and she is a CSR expert for the Advisory Board of the Foodservice Network.


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Daniele Giovannucci

Daniele Giovannucci, is the co-founder of the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA), formed by a global consortium of 40 global institutions. COSA is pioneering innovative ways to advance science-based measurement tools for understanding and managing sustainability, including the impacts of many ecological and social standards.

Daniele is a former Senior Consultant to the World Bank Group and an adviser to a number of international agencies and governments on sustainable development and trade competitiveness. He chaired the global teams formulating the strategic input on Food and Agriculture for the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development. Since 1992, he has worked in more than 30 countries, published widely, and received several international awards for his pioneering work in coffee and sustainability. Downloads of Daniele’s published work rank him in the top 1% of the more than 250,000 professional authors tracked by the Social Science Research Network, the largest web repository in the field. His newest major works are: “The COSA Measuring Sustainability Report” and "Sustainable Development in the 21st Century" for the United Nations.

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Herman Wijffels

Herman Wijffels (1942) is a Dutch economist and politician for the CDA. From 1981 to 1999 he worked for the Rabobank, ultimately as chairman of the board of directors.

As farewell present, the Rabobank established the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award. The award recognizes enterprising people who take the initiative to develop innovations that not only produce benefits for themselves, but also for the society as a whole.

From 1999 until 2006, Herman was chairman of the Social-Economic Council and he was chairman of the Society for Preservation of Nature in the Netherlands. In 2006 he was appointed as Dutch representative at the World Bank, succeeding Ad Melkert.

For the 2006-2007 Dutch cabinet formation, Herman was appointed by Queen Beatrix to lead the negotiations between the political parties for the cabinet to be.

Nowadays, Herman is co-chairman of Worldconnectors, a Dutch think tank with the aim of working towards a just, sustainable, inclusive and peaceful world. Herman is also professor Sustainability and Social change at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.


Wouter van der Weijden.jpg

Wouter van der Weijden

After graduating in Biology at the Free University in Amsterdam, Wouter van der Weijden (1946) worked at Leiden University developing visions on sustainable agriculture.

In 1980 Wouter co-founded the Centre for Agriculture and Environment (CLM) aimed at promoting sustainable farming in the Netherlands. He is still co-director of CLM.

Wouter was involved in numerous projects covering farmland birds, on-farm nutrient and energy management, farm policy and eco labeling. He wrote hundreds of articles and columns, was co-author of Values of Agrarian Landscapes across Europe and North America and is lead author of Farmland Birds across the World (forthcoming).


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Nico Roozen

Nico Roozen (1953) studied history in Amsterdam and theology in Utrecht. In 1984 he started working with Solidaridad, an organization for development cooperation which initially focused on Latin America, but later on started operating worldwide. Initially, he was employed as campaigner. In 1990 Nico became director of Solidaridad. Under his direction Solidaridad has developed into an internationally recognized organization, with a very specific expertise in the development of models which have contributed significantly to bridge the gap between the work of charities on the one hand and industry, trade and retail companies on the other.

In 1988 Nico launched the Max Havelaar label for fair trade coffee. This was the world's first fair trade label and it has formed the basis for local fair trade labelling initiatives in Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada.

In 2000 Nico started with the development of a model for fair trade textiles. In 2001 he launched the trendy fair trade jeans brand Kuyichi, which has developed into a European jeans and tops brand.

As from 2003, Solidaridad has been developing and co-developing a number of programmes aiming at creating workable tools for companies willing to take up their corporate social responsibility. Nico is the current President of the Board of Utz Certified.

In 2009, Nico was invited to become member of the Task Force Biodiversity and National Resources as installed by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, as well as the Committee for Biodiversity, recently installed by the same Ministry.


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Wilson Ang

Wilson Ang is the founder and President of the Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore), also known as ECO Singapore. The organisation was established in January of 2003. It has since expanded with an outreach of empowering more than 2,000 youths and educating up to 60,000 members of the public, all dedicated to protecting the environment.

Though being involved in volunteer work since the age of 9 in various sectors, Wilson's awareness about environmental issues really started to grow when he attended the ASEAN Youth Forum on the Environment in 2000. Subsequently, his trip to the United Nation's World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg in 2002 inspired him to focus on environmental issues..

Wilson was a full time air traffic controller in the Singapore Air Force from 2002 to 2006 while he pursued his passion. Despite the intensity of his working days, he was still involved in various environmental movements, activities, and projects. One of these is the formation of ECO Singapore. He developed ECO Singapore as a platform to reach out to youth, and encourage them to become drivers for the education of the the general public.

Having seen the state of the environment in many developed and developing nations, Wilson believes that the only way to create a better conditions for human survival is for every individual to take responsibility for their own actions. People can do this by being more conscious about their daily choices in consumption.