Meet Our Team


The AgriPlace Team consists of a group of enthusiastic and committed professionals. Our team is characterized by diversity, international experience, agricultural background, in-depth IT expertise and drive.

We use this to realize our mission: Through digital transformation we make farm compliance easy and affordable for all actors

in the supply chain. Thereby we help farmers improve their sustainable practices step by step.


The team is divided into different departments, each with its own specializations:

- Standards & Data for keeping the content up-to-date on certification standards worldwide

- Service Management for Service and Customer Support

- Marketing & Sales for sales and sales support to our Business Partners

- Software Development for the IT development of our platform


AgriPlace is an independent company with shareholders from among others the agricultural sector like ZLTO, Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation, ICCO Cooperatie, Broersen Beheer BV, Voorhout Investments and Clear Creek Investments.