Our Approach

The Challenge

How can we help making food production more sustainable and support the digital transformation of the agriculture sector and farmers worldwide?

The multitude of standard setting organizations and purchasing parties that exist in the world today all have their own approach to sustainability assessment. These different actors use their own specific criteria and ways to articulate their standards. Thus, the field of certification and standards is not only complex due to its large number of actors, but also because of the diverse ways in which these individually operationalize the assessment of sustainability.  

We aim to providing transparency and simplicity by creating a an easy to use online farm compliance platform. 


Bringing farmers online 

AgriPlace is a platform for farmers, auditors, standard setting organisations such as GLOBALG.A.P. and food companies. All parties benefit by linking into a centralized platform that makes compliance easy. We do this by smart data management from field to fork, re-using and reducing efforts for multiple certificates. 

  • Farmers can easily upload files, and deliver all data to requesting actors.
  • Companies, NGOs, etc. can easily create own assessments and can request data directly from farmers. 
  • Farm Advisors can help farmers to get certified.
  • Auditors have access, saving time and cost.
  • Cooperatives and food factories can easily provide data for produced goods and  manage group certifications

Simplicity and Transparency

AgriPlace brings farmers and their farm data online for easy certficiation and data sharing, this enables all parties in the supply chain to view and exchange data of produced food. 


We invite you to contact us if you want to learn more about our methodology or the People 4 Earth organization.